What does it mean to be a god? Why are we afraid of embracing that identity? Is it because we think it’s sacrilegious? Or are we afraid of the responsibility and magnitude of that title?

If we are created in the image of God and we were given the ability and authority to create and manifest things, doesn’t that make us gods? God didn’t make us in the image of a bear or a lion or a whale.  He made us in His image.  He gave us gifts, talents, creativity, intuition, power, and will.  Those things set us apart from every other thing He created. 

The power of creation and will means that we are not doomed to merely react to stimuli and environments.  It means that we get to author.  We get to impose our will and our design and our authority in situations.  That is powerful.

As a god, we are given dominion over our lives, to a degree (that’s what makes us little “g”).  While we cannot control the forces of nature or other people (without their consent), we can control how much they influence our lives.  We can control how we allow those external forces to affect our stories and our futures.  

Maybe we’re afraid to accept our god status because accepting it means accepting responsibility for our lives–even some of the horrible moments. It would mean that we could no longer blame someone else for our condition or state.  By not accepting our power, we get to just be sheep.  We go wherever we are shepherded…even to slaughter.  

What would happen if we accepted the gift of little “g” that God gave us? What would happen if we realized that money–a thing created by us–is not a god, but we are? What would happen if we embraced our power to author our lives? How would that change our story? Who would we become?

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