Behind the Go-Getter Mask

Being a Go-Getter or person of action is seen as a virtue in society. It’s great to be known as a Go-Getter. But always focusing on action can lead to a bunch of activities with no productivity. There are people who hide behind the Go-Getter mask because they are either avoiding something, seeking to please […]

Own Your Dreams

Whose Dream Is It Anyway? I did it! After years of putting my head down and working. After years of practicing good stewardship, time management, and getting a good education, I achieved the American Dream.  And then…meh.   I had a great job making a nice salary with great benefits.  I bought a nice home in […]

The God in You

What does it mean to be a god? Why are we afraid of embracing that identity? Is it because we think it’s sacrilegious? Or are we afraid of the responsibility and magnitude of that title? If we are created in the image of God and we were given the ability and authority to create and […]


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