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Jenita Lawal

Life Design Strategist

Now what? Are you at that point in life where you’ve followed the rules, raised the kids, lived “the dream” and are left wondering, now what? What’s next?

Been there…

Something didn’t feel right. 

At 40 years old, I had a great job that I’d been at for eight years. My kids were consistently on honor roll plus participated in soccer and baseball.  I owned my home and a late model car. Wasn’t this the American dream?

For years, it had been my goal to prove all the statistics about Black, single mothers wrong. I wanted to prove that in spite of the challenges, we can excel in our careers and personal lives. 

I proved it. Now what? Why didn’t I feel fulfilled?

That question led me on a journey of self discovery that resulted in me resigning from my job and charting a new adventure for the next phase of my life. 

This new phase includes working with more freedom than I ever experienced, living abroad with my three children, and having experiences that I once dreamed about. 

If you can relate and are ready to start charting your new course, schedule a Discovery call today.

Guiding Values








Approach to Coaching

One answer does not fit all situations.

While your story may have similarities to others, you are unique. To honor that, I listen – both to what is said and unsaid. 

I ask the questions that challenge you and bring you to a deeper understanding.  My curiosity is my gift. It guides the questions, the twists and turns, leading us to a path that is wholly yours. 


Jenita Lawal
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Gratitude Group Coaching

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You’ve waited long enough.

Start designing a life you’ll love.